Federal Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Sam Condor is reporting an 80 percent overall pass rate in the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations for students at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) in St. Kitts and 90 percent pass rate at the Sixth Form of the Charlestown Secondary School in Nevis.

In a nationwide radio and television address, the Federal Education Minister reported good performances at the CFBC in several subjects including Caribbean Studies, Communication Studies; Economics; Sociology; Computer Science, Accounting, Art & Design; Environmental Science, Biology; French; Pure Mathematics; Literatures in English; Applied Mathematics; Information Technology; Spanish Unit; Geography and History.

He said that at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, 299 candidates wrote combinations of Unit 1, and Unit 2 courses, in 38 content areas, for the (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations). There were 1169 unit-entries from which passing grades were returned for 925 entries; giving an overall pass rate of 79.1 %. – 5 percent lower, than the overall pass rate, registered in 2005.

In giving details, he disclosed that for Caribbean Studies Unit I: - there were 145 passes out of 149 candidates, a pass rate of 97.3%; Communication Studies: - 138 passes out 140, a 98.5 % pass rate; Economics, Unit 1, -, 79 passes out of 80, a pass rate of 96.3%; Economics Unit 2, - 70 passed out of 80 persons, a 87.5 % pass rate; in Sociology Unit 2, - there were 47 passes out of 49, a 95.9 % pass rate and in Computer Science, - 29 persons out of 30 were successful with a 96.7 % pass rate.

Education Minister Condor reported a 100% pass rate at the CFBC in Accounting, Unit 1; Art & Design Unit 2; Environmental Science, Unit 1 and Unit 2; Biology Unit 1; Computer Science Unit 1; French, Units 1 and 2, Pure Mathematics, Unit 2, Literatures in English Unit 1 and Unit 2, Applied Mathematics, Information Technology, Spanish Unit 1 and Unit 2; and Geography, Unit 2. History, Unit 2, returned a 93.7% pass rate.

He said that there are some subject/Unit areas that of necessity would be given much attention and these are the ones that registered pass rates of less than 50%.

The Federal Minister of Education said that at the Charlestown Secondary School, 78 candidates wrote the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations for a count of 301 unit entries. Passing grades were received in 271 entries, for an overall pass rate of 90%.

“I congratulate the CSS—Sixth Form, and all involved, – for this excellent performance,” he told the Federation.

He said that the Sixth Form returned 100% pass rates in Accounting Unit 1 and Unit 2, Biology Unit 1, Chemistry Unit 2, Caribbean Studies Unit 1, Computer Science Unit 1, French Units 1 and 2, Geography Unit 2, History Unit 1, Literatures in English Units 1 and 2, Sociology Unit 2, and Spanish Unit 1.

“Most of the other Units returned pass rates above 80%. There were, however, three unit areas with weak showing, that is (below 50% pass rate). These were: Chemistry Unit 1, Management of Business Unit 1 and Physics Unit 1,” said Minister Condor.

He reported that 32 private candidates wrote CAPE in St. Kitts and 5 in Nevis. “This is commendable and most encouraging, as we strive to promote Lifelong Learning. There was a 94.4 % pass rate among private candidates in St. Kitts and 40% in Nevis,” Minister Condor said.


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