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Nevis’ Premier addresses Vending complaints in Charlestown

Premier of Nevis – the Hon. Mark Brantley has addressed complaints made over the enforcement of the “No Vending” in Charlestown Policy with the exception of the Charlestown Public Market.


He spoke about the matter during Wednesday’s edition of the “On the Mark Program”: 



Section 3 of Chapter 8.01 of the Charlestown Vending Prohibition Ordinance states (and I quote) “Vending is prohibited on the streets, sidewalks, public squares and any other public area in Charlestown.” Unquote. 


Section 4 of the Ordinance States: “Vending in Charlestown shall take place only at the ‘Charlestown Public Market’ also known as the ‘George Mowbray Hanley Market Complex’ and in any other area from time to time designated by the Minister of Finance.” 


But what about the Vending stalls here on the island?


Premier Brantley had this to say: 


Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Mark Brantley.