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Fire in Gingerland destroys Brookes Gas Station
February 07, 2017

Reports reaching the VONNEWSLINE indicate, that a fire destroyed a building, which formerly housed the Brookes Gas Station, in Gingerland.


The incident is reported to have occurred on Monday evening (Feb. 6th), sometime before 12 midnight.


The Fire and Rescue Department in Charlestown was deployed to the scene. On arrival at the scene, they saw the wooden and concrete building, fully engulfed in flames.


The unit had to move quickly, as they realized that a gas station, which is no longer in use, was in close proximity to the burning structure and knowing that there is a chance that gas may be contained therein, they were cognizant of the potential danger, if the fire had spread.


The building is a historic landmark in the Gingerland area, belonging to James Brookes.


In its prime, it was popular as a Bakery and Gas station. In later years, it remained operational but eventually closed.


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