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Government Housing Solutions Program to focus on the poor
February 22, 2017

Minister of Human Settlement with responsibility for Housing, the Hon. Eugene Hamilton said that the Team Unity Administration’s Housing Solutions Programme, is geared towards the poor and insolvent.


Speaking in Parliament on the second anniversary of the Government of National Unity on Feb. 16th, Minister Hamilton said that 300 homes will be built in the first phase. The program was launched last week on Feb. 17th, as part of the government’s celebrations.


Although the priority of the housing programme is with the poverty-stricken, the government will also cater for those in the middle income bracket, he said.


The Minister was quoted as saying, “We have facilitated over the last few months the request of private sector partners. I have signed off on an application, to get the support of the Ministry of Sustainable Development for the construction of middle-income homes in whatever selected areas, where the investor would like to make his investment.”


Funds for the project were made possible through a $50 million dollar loan from the Social Security Board. Twenty-one areas around St. Kitts have been identified for building. 300 homes will be built in areas such as: Taylors East, Farms Meadows, Cabbage Tree, Wingfield View and Farms Development.


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