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New BHS to be built in Ponds Extension area, preparatory work to be finalized
April 13, 2017

In updating the media, Minister of Education the Hon. Shawn Richards, stated that a Basseterre High School (BHS) would be built in the Ponds Extension area (East Basseterre). He noted that since that announcement was made, another committee was established “to ensure that all things are there to begin the actual construction of the school”.

He explained that, “as a matter of fact, a directive was issued to ensure that the plans are actually being to be put on paper so that the school construction can begin.”

Students who attended the institution at the Victoria Road Campus, as well as staff members, began complaining in 2012 of illnesses which they believed were caused by their surroundings, at that campus. Subsequently, they were moved and were occupying (in a shift system), the Washington Archibald High School.

The Team Unity administration (while in opposition), vowed that if elected, it would not allow the students to return to the Victoria Road campus, but would rather construct a new school.

After taking office, the Team Unity Administration moved to have the students relocated and bring an end to the shift system.


The government has since constructed a temporary facility to house the students. The temporary facility is situated in front of the Beach Allen Primary School (Taylor’s Range, Basseterre).


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