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Report on Corned Beef findings soon to finalized, health officials to confirm if ban will be lifted
April 21, 2017

Health officials in St. Kitts and Nevis will soon be making an announcement on whether they will be lifting the ban on corned beef imported from Brazil.


It is understood that officials have wrapped up the process (on lifting the band) and are currently putting together a report for the Ministry of Health to make a determination.


However, this media house understands that until the testing is completed, no further details will be released.

Additionally, the necessary documentation and information would be relayed to the decision-making authority.


A number of countries in the Caribbean, including Jamaica and Barbados, have lifted the ban on the product coming out of the South American country.

Imported corned beef and poultry (meat) products from Brazil were banned back in March; amid a rotten beef scandal that processors were paid bribes to obtain false sanitary licenses to operate.

As a consequence, countries in the region began banning corned beef including Jamaica, Barbados and St. Kitts and Nevis.


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