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Masked assailants robbed, taped woman’s mouth shut and used her vehicle as a getaway car
May 04, 2017

Reports reaching the VONNEWSLINE have revealed that an armed robbery resulted in a lady’s mouth taped shut and the vehicle which she drove stolen and used, as a getaway car.

The incident is reported to have occurred on the evening of Tuesday (May 2nd), sometime after11pm, in the vicinity of Paradise Heights (Basseterre).

The report also stated, that the lady (who remains unnamed) was at the time exiting the driver’s side of her parked vehicle and noticed her passenger door was slightly opened.

When she turned back to close the car door, two (2) masked assailants (one armed with a handgun) approached her, held her down and taped her mouth shut.

In addition, the perpetrators took her purse which contained her ID, driver’s license and cell phone. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

Eventually, they made good their escape with the vehicle the victim drove (said to be a white Wrangler from Bullseye car rental in St. Kitts). The assailants drove toward the direction of Conaree (Cayon). The investigation continues.


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