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Corned Beef Ban Lifted, importers reminded and urged to comply with BSE measure
May 05, 2017

The Corned Beef Ban which was imposed on March 24th 2017 has been lifted.


The ban came into effect as news broke out that substantial bribes were allegedly being paid, and companies involved in the illegal practice paid auditors in exchange for fraudulent sanitary licenses, to sell rotten beef (poultry).


The National Agriculture, Health & Food Safety Committee also ascertained that the corned beef imported into the Federation, did not come from any of the meat processing plants under investigation by the Brazilian authorities.


Examinations of the corned Beef were conducted and the results indicate that the products are safe for human consumption in accordance with the food safety laws of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis.

Since the ban was imposed, the Committee made recommendations namely: to lift the temporary ban imposed on March 24th 2017 on imported Brazilian corned beef with immediate effect and to re-introduce to the shelves, all corned beef originating from and imported from Brazil, which resulted in the ban lifted.

In press release issued from the Ministry of Health, it urged and reminded importers that import restriction on products obtained from mechanically separated beef is still in effect, as a Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) food safety measure.

Consequences of not heeding to the import condition will result in confiscation of the product and removal of the exporting plant as a trading partner.


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