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NTA holds official launch of Mango and Food Festival
May 30, 2017

To officially commence the annual Mango and Food Festival, the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) held a launch of the festival on Sunday May 28th, at Chrishi Beach Club (Nevis).

Nevis’ Mango and Food Festival, is scheduled to be held from July 6th to the 9th 2017. This year, celebrity chefs, Judy Joo and Seamus Mullen will be headlining the festival.

Chef Judy Joo, UK “Iron Chef”, host of Cooking Channel’s “Korean Foods Made Simple”, cookbook author and restaurateur is making her second appearance on Nevis.

Chef Seamus Mullen, an award-winning New York chef and restaurateur, will bring an inventive approach to Spanish cuisine.

Chef Mullen was awarded “Chef of the Year” by TimeOut Magazine and has been named a semi-finalist for Best Chef NYC by the prestigious James Beard Foundation for three years in a row.

The Nevis Mango & Food Festival will feature four days of dining experiences, cooking demonstrations, and cook-along classes by the international chefs as well as local Nevisian chefs and cooks.

The events will take place at restaurants, beach bars and resorts around the island, culminating with Nevisian chefs and mixologists cooking at Oualie Beach on the final day.

2017 marks the 3rd time, the NTA has held the Mango and Food Festival.


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