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Foreign Affairs Minister leads delegation in Jamaica
May 31, 2017

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Aviation, the Hon. Mark Brantley, led a four-member delegation from the Federal Parliament of St. Kitts and Nevis, at the Pan Caribbean Partnership (PANCAP) against HIV/AIDS Parliamentarians Forum in Jamaica, which was held from May 30th-31st 2017.

The aim of the meeting was to address the challenges of HIV, and issues of stigma and discrimination. The PANCAP Regional Parliamentarians’ Forum was attended by most of the CARICOM Member States.

Minister Brantley noted the importance of convening the Regional Parliamentarians’ Forum, while giving remarks at the opening ceremony of the two-day meeting.


The Foreign Minister also stated that in CARICOM’s move to make policy and pass legislation against stigma and discrimination, the types of persons to be considered are: homosexuals; commercial sex workers and transgender individuals.

He also noted that the following key questions must be asked on the basis of consensus, namely:

Are our justice systems effectively dealing with fostering reforms and modifications to break down the barriers for key populations to access health services without fear of stigma and discrimination?

Have our judicial systems made adequate provision for coping with the special problems associated with cases involving violence against women, girls and children?

Other members of the delegation included Minister of State with Responsibility for Health, the Hon. Wendy Phipps, Leader of the Opposition, Dr. the Hon. Denzil Douglas and the Hon. Patrice Nisbett.


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