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17-year-old charged for St. Paul’s shooting incident
June 09, 2017

A juvenile, who was taken into custody for the shooting death of one person in St. Paul’s (St. Kitts) and injuring two others, has been arrested, formally charged and cautioned for the offence of murder.

The young man, 17 is said to be from the western area of St. Kitts.


The incident occurred on Tuesday June 6th, around 12 noon. 32-year-old Jahma Francis was shot in his abdomen. Additionally, Ajah Jules and Akio Benjamin, were both shot in their hands.


The trio was transported to the Pogson Hospital and the JNF General Hospital. Subsequently, Jahma succumbed to his injuries which resulted in the federation’s 14th murder, for the year.


He has also been charged with two (2) counts of attempted murder.

The juvenile was charged with the offence of murder, just two (2) days after he was taken into police custody.


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