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Queen’s Baton arrives in Nevis
June 30, 2017

The Queens Baton made its way to Nevis after beginning its 388 day journey from the Queen’s Palace on March 13th 2017.


The Baton arrived in Nevis on Tuesday morning (June 27th) after arriving in St. Kitts on Monday 26th June.


Kurvin Wallace of Nevis received the baton at the Charlestown, Pier after which it was passed on to government officials, several athletes at each transition point until it reached the Bath Hotel and Bath Spring. 

Photo ops were taken at New River, Nevisian Heritage Village and Botanical Gardens.

The Baton departed Nevis on Wednesday 28th June for Anguilla.


A message that is carried on the Baton from the Queen admonishes Commonwealth athletes to come together in friendly and peaceful competition.


The carrying of the Queen’s Baton throughout the Caribbean helps to build excitement in the lead up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games to be held in Australis from April 4th to 15th 2017.


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