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Premier Amory reaffirms his Administration intention to seek the full Independence of Nevis
May 26, 2005

Concerns have been raised here in Nevis over what has been described as a “ deafening silence” as it relates to the secession of Nevis from the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The Nevis Island Administration has signaled its intention to pursue that route.

The issue took the spotlight during the 2001 Nevis Island Assembly election campaign and much discussion had ensued on the matter.

Since then little has been said on the issue.

Premier of Nevis and Leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement , Hon. Vance Amory has been explaining the apparent lack of movement on the issue

He said that the revised constitution which was tabled in April last year had to laid in the Nevis Island Assembly for six months.

This led straight into Federal Elections, then Christmas and then the lenten Season.According to Premier Amory, '' I could not ask the people of Nevis to vote in a referendum immediately following a Federal election"

He says his administration is seeking an appropriate time when the referendum will be put before the people of Nevis.But the issue was still very much on the agenda of the Concerned Citizens led Nevis Island Administration.

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