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Price of Fuel Goes Up Another Notch
November 01, 2005

As of Today November 1st, residents of St. Kitts and Nevis will begin paying more for fuel and electricity.

Minister of Public Works, Utilities, Transport and Posts, Dr. the Hon. Earl Asim Martin made the expected announcement in a nationwide radio and television broadcast on Monday night.

He said that despite rising oil prices on the world market over the years, the increases would be the first rise in electricity rates since 2000 and in fuel prices since February this year.

Dr. Martin said fuel at the pump will increase from EC$8.30 to $10.50 and electricity will rise from $0.37 cents per kilowatt hour to $0.51 cents per kilowatt hour.


An Official in the Ministry of Public Utilities here on Nevis informed us that the increase atthe fuel pump is a Federal measure, while the increase in electricity rates was a domestic issue

Further stating that Nevis had its own Electricity Ordinance and there was a mechanism in place for the adjustment of electricity rates which was different from that of St. Kitts.

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