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November 15, 2005

Police authorities on the island are requesting the assistance of the general public in an ongoing investigation into the freak accident which lead to the death of Ramsbury resident , Alex Morton.

Police say that a report was made to the Charlestown Police Station at around 4pm on Saturday indicating that the body of an individual was seen laying in the road and the person appeared to be injured.

Upon arriving on the scene police say they saw the body of Morton lying in a pool of blood with his face in a disfigured state.

A Medical Officer was then called to the scene where he pronounced him dead.

The police authorities say they have not gotten any confirmed eyewitness reports of the incident but stated that persons have reported seeing Morton laying in the road in a helpless state prior to his death.

The authorities say that it appears that something heavy rolled over Morton’s head and are asking anyone with information to contact authorities at the Charlestown Police Station.

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