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Charlestown High Court Resumes: Murder Trial of Eric Weekes
November 21, 2005

The High Court in Charlestown will the focus of attention today as the final matter of the November Assizes is expected to come up for hearing.

The matter is the trial of five young men who are jointly charged for the murder of teenager Eric Weekes.

That case which was traversed from the April Assizes.

Seven persons were originally charged for the murder but when the matter was heard in April two of the defendants were acquitted.

At the conclusion of that hearing, the Jury was not able to come up with a verdict, which prompted the then resident Judge Justice Davidson Baptiste to declare a new trial.

The five who will be standing trial are Marius Webbe, Kishmoy Challenger, Jermaine Freeman, Ashton Williams and Ashley Freeman.


When the assizes resumed on Friday last week, Leslie Ross was found guilty on four counts of Fraudulent Conversion of Property and was sentenced to four years in Prison.

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