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Eric Weekes Murder Case Traversed to the April Assizes: Jury Interference Suspected
November 28, 2005

The murder trial involving five men, charged for the murder of teenager Eric Weekes, took a dramatic last Thursday.

Presiding Judge Justice Ianthea Leithwood Octave declared a mis-trial and traversed the case to the April Assizes.

The VON NEWSLINE understands that Justice Octave took that decision following reports that there had been jury interference.

It is alleged that family members of the accused had made contact with members of the jury.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has been asked to investigate the matter and if any evidence is found that there was interference with the jury, criminal charges will be brought against those responsible.

This is the second time that a no-decision has been reached in the case.

The first hearing resulted in a Hung Jury, prompting the then presiding Judge Justice Davidson Baptiste to declare a new trial.

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