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PAM, LABOUR, CCM and NRP Unite With the Crucial Crime Situation at Hand
December 21, 2005

at the office of National Security Minister, G.A. Dwyer Astaphan, on Tuesday, 20th December, 2005, to discuss the current spate of violent crime in the country.

All political parties were invited. The persons attending were Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Sam Condor and Labour Party Chairman, Dr. Hon. Timothy Harris, representing the Labour Party; Hon. Shawn Richards, Messrs. Eugene Hamilton and Chesley Hamilton representing the People’s Action Movement; Hon. Premier Vance Amory, representing the Concerned Citizen’s Movement and Hon. Joseph Parry, representing the Nevis Reformation Party.

The parties unanimously expressed disgust and outrage at the recent spate of violent crimes, and indicated their commitment to work together in a national effort to eradicate crime.

It was also agreed that a follow-up meeting would take place at the earliest convenience, such meeting to include other social partners such as: the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Christian Council, the Evangelical Association and the Bar Association.

It was further agreed that prior to such meeting, a joint statement on the matter will be made by all political party leaders.

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