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US Citizen and Longtime Nevisian Resident Helps Her 53rd Child Get Medical Attention
January 11, 2006

US national resident on Nevis, Ms. Pat Ficklin has been instrumental in assisting children with major health problems on Nevis.

The latest was 9 year old Perry Fredrick. Fredrick suffered a stroke at the beginning of the school year in 2005. Ms. Fickiln said it was the 53rd child she helped on Nevis.

He was finally able to get assistance with the help of Ms. Ficklin and the Rotary Club of Nevis.

The Rotary Club was able to assist in the area of transporting the young boy and his mother to the U.S.

Fredrick is currently a patient at the St. John Regional Medical Centre in New Jersey.

Ms. Finklin says that a Nevis Children Medical Assistance Fund has been set up for this purpose at the National Bank `and person can contact Levi Daniel, Brenda Fyfield or herself for assistance.

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