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US Citizen Resident On Nevis Launches Book about Nevis
January 23, 2006

Nevis, it’s a love story

That’s the view US citizen resident here on Nevis, Ms. Rosemary Sullivan.

Ms. Sullivan launched the latest publication about the island entitled Nevis As We See Her”, over the weekend.

She said that the publication is a co-creation of all the people that are in it. “There are forty people whose pictures and stories are in the book” she added.

The book is subtitle going to come bank and is mainly about persons like herself who go away in the summertime and come back in the winter and Nevisians who were born here and went away to study and return to the island and other residents who left their country and took up residence in Nevis.

The launch took place at the Café’ Des Arts in Charlestown on Saturday.

She also disclosed that the next in the series of “ Nevis As We See” will be subtitled “We Going Good.”

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