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February 08, 2006

A shortage of sand is creating some setbacks in the construction sector here in Nevis.

The island’s sole importer of the material, the Nevis Housing and Land Development Corporation, has been unable to supply the commodity for the past two weeks.

General Manager at the Corporation, Mr. Lloyd Lescott apologized to the general public but specifically, the contractors and the tradesmen.

He moved to assure the general public that the corporation is working assiduously to get the sand here in Nevis.

Mr. Lescott explained that transportation has been the problem.

“The company that we deal with KD Supplies out of Barbuda is having a serious transportation problem. Normally they had about five barges working for them but one had an accident in the Virgin Islands. Two of the barges are owned by contractors around the Caribbean and there is a lot of construction going on in the Caribbean and what they have done is that they have pulled their barges away from the services of the KD supplies in Barbuda.”

The other two went to Santo Domingo and we have been assured that they will be out of Santo Domingo by this coming weekend.

Mr. Lescott is also assuring the public that this is not a regular occurrence.

“This shipment was ordered since in December and we don’t normally wait until there is a shipment that is finished before we order the other one.”

“We normally stay on top the situation,- we normally monitor and assure when we are half way through we get get the order off but we are hit with this terrible transportation problem”

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