"your voice in the community

Talk that Gets Results"

"Okay, how about we do this?"
Join Evered "Webbo" Herbert Tuesday evenings at 8 o'clock on this show dubbed "your voice in the community - Talk that Gets Results". This Radio Call-in Talk Show discusses wide ranging issues from Religion to Politics to Socio-economic issues - anything that concerns the community. Wide listening audience with a Panel and Telephone Calls from listeners. Sponsorships welcome

Regular Panelists

Theordore L. Hobson
"It's indeed a privilege"

Edric W. Stanley
"At this critical juncture..."

Mark A. G. Brantley
"To my mind...in the trenches..."

Alastair J. Yearwood
"I think I would agree with..."

Kenneth Williams
Newspaper Publisher
"When a poor boy from Jessups..."

Hastings R. Daniel
"One of our original heavy weights"

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