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25 Most Remarkable Teens set to develop Volunteer Projects

The 25 Most Remarkable Teens are in the process of developing volunteer projects as part of a development workshop held on March 4th.




Last week’s workshop was organized to prepare the teens for the projects they will design thereafter. The teens were exposed to the topics: Leadership and Volunteerism, Time Management, Dining Etiquette / Table Manners and Project Development and Networking.




The VONNEWSLINE spoke with Mrs. Sharon Richards, Youth Officer in the St. Kitts Department of Youth on the types of projects the teens will be organizing:







The 25 Most Remarkable Teens is a youth recognition initiative in the Federation, founded in November 2011 by the Department of Youth Empowerment.




The initiative awards teens in the following categories: most promising; academics; technology; writing; sports; environmentalism; youth activism; performing and visual arts; culinary arts; school pride; volunteerism; spiritual commitment; music; leadership; personal decisions to change; the spirit of hope; coping positively with challenges and courage to overcome.