All Inter Team Sport matches will be Spectator-less

All Inter Team Sport matches will be Spectator-less

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture has issued a statement to all sporting teams, associates and event planners that the Department of Sport on the advice of the Cabinet and the National COVID-19 Task Force has taken the decision that permission to host all inter-team and inter-club competitive matches shall be granted to the exclusion of spectators until further notice. 


This came as a result of a meeting held on February 2nd, 2021 between the Federal Minister of Sports and Representatives from the various National Sporting Federation. 


The statement goes on to say that “the absence of spectators from sporting competitions does not limit in anyway the playing of any sport or the holding of any competitions,” sighting the recent virtual presentation of National Carnival and Sugar Mas 49. 


A release from Nevis’ Director of Sports – Mr. Jamir Claxton outlined new conditions for the hosting of sporting activities after multiple consultations with the Department of Sports, the Permanent Secretary of Sports and the National COVID-19 Task Force. 


  These include but are not limited to: 


1.  All sporting competitions are to be held without spectators. 


2. All sporting bodies have to apply to the Ministry of Sports for permission to host sporting  tournaments / leagues / competitions. 


3. All Associations to meet with the COVID-19 Task Force to discuss plans.