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CCM wins 2022 Nevis Island Assembly Elections

The Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) has once again won the 2022 Nevis Island Assembly Elections in what has been dubbed a “tight race”, and also means the party will take the helm of government.




Several voters told the VONNEWSLINE that the Dec. 12th Elections “can go either way”, as three (3) political parties contested the 5 seats (or electoral districts) on the island. Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) had a full slate of candidates mostly made up of women.




The Moral Restoration Movement fielded only two candidates specifically for the Nevis #2 St. John’s Parish and Nevis #4 St. James’ Parish.




CCM’s Spencer Brand the incumbent beat NRP’s newcomer Jaedee Caines 631 votes to 604 for the St. Paul’s Parish Nevis #1, CCM’s Mark Brantley who is the incumbent, defeated NRP’s Dr. Patricia Bartlette in St. John’s Parish Nevis #2 1313 votes to 1166, while MRM’s Samuel Caines amassed 18 votes.

For Nevis #3 St. George’s Parish, CCM’s Eric Evelyn the incumbent beat Rohan Isles of the NRP 736 votes-311, NRP’s Janice Daniel-Hodge defeated Alexis Jeffers of CCM 750 votes to 742 for the Nevis #4 district St. James’ Parish, while MRM’s Patricia Mills-Jeffers amassed 11 votes and for the Nevis #5 St. Thomas’ Parish seat, NRP’s Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds the incumbent beat CCM’s newcomer, Ms. Latoya Jones, 712 votes to 508.

The last elections held in December 2017 saw CCM winning 4 seats to NRP’s 1, but this time around, CCM won 3 seats to NRP’s 2.