COVID-19 Vaccine mandatory or not?

COVID-19 Vaccine mandatory or not?

“Should the COVID-19 Vaccine be mandatory”? 


That was Conrad “Niah” Liburd, who was one of the panelists on VON Radio’s Let’s Talk program on May 11th, responding to the abovementioned question. 


Human rights are the basic rights and freedom that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death.  

In St. Kitts & Nevis, over 15,000 persons received their 1st jab of the vaccine, almost 1,800 received their 2nd jab.

However, according to health officials there has been vaccine hesitancy in the public.  


In his response to the question of mandatory vaccination, Minister of Government within the Nevis Island Administration, Spencer Brand, urged all to do what is right:


The Hon. Spencer Brand.

Newly launched candidate for Nevis #2 Constituency (St. John’s Parish), Dr. Patricia Bartlette said the decision to take the Vaccine should be left up to the individual:


Dr. Patricia Bartlette.