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Illegal weapons found in Mc Knight

Lawmen seized a stash of illegal weapons, while patrolling the McKnight area in St. Kitts on Thursday April 20th, police officers uncovered the weapons during a routine search of an abandoned house.




The illegal cache was comprised of one (1) Glock 30 pistol with two (2) rounds of .45 calibre ammunition; one (1) Thunder 380 with three (3) .380 rounds of ammunition; one (1) Ruger 9mm with two (2) 9mm rounds of ammunition; and one (1) Smith and Wesson .38 revolver pistol. The illegal weapons were taken into Police custody for processing.




A thorough investigation into the matter is underway. The public and the media will be updated appropriately. The Police Force in a press release says, they have adopted a “no leniency” stance regarding anyone caught with illegal weaponry on their property, or in their general possession.




Anyone found on the side of illegality will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.