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Immigration officials prepare for detection of Coronavirus

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On Monday 27th January 31st 2020, Health Officials here on Nevis held a sensitization event for officials at the ports of entry on the island as the outbreak of the corona virus continues to spread.

The event was held at the Vance W. Amory International Airport, began at 9:30am and saw a number of immigration officials in attendance.

Medical Officer of Health here on Nevis Dr. Judy Nisbett explained the activities of the day’s event.

She noted that the knowledge imparted to those in attendance was welcomed.

But how effective was this training?

Dr. Nisbett explained what the Health Authority is looking to achieve or safe guard against, from holding this sensitizing event.

Dr. Judy Nisbett

10,000 cases of the new Coronavirus have been confirmed, most in China, since it emerged in December with more than 100 reported outside China, in 22 countries and the number of deaths so far stands at 213 – all in China.