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Investigation into citizenship gained by “sham marriage” ongoing

The Attorney-General’s office has released a status update regarding the local investigation into the alleged “sham marriage” involving a St. Kitts citizen and resultant issuance of St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship to Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbas.





A formal investigation was launched by the Royal Saint Christopher and Nevis Police Force (RSCNPF), after law enforcement authorities in the United States contacted the, force in July 2021 to provide information about alleged criminal activities in St Kitts.



The former Instagram Influencer, was sentenced to be imprisoned for 135 months in a federal prison in the United States for his role in an international fraud syndicate. Approximately $50,000 of proceeds obtained from the scheme was used to finance Hushpuppi’s St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship and passport application.



The RSCNPF, in September 2021, prepared a draft Request for Assistance from the United States in the investigation of Hushpuppi pursuant to the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT). This draft request however was left unapproved by the then Attorney-General and has remained a hindrance in the progress of the ongoing investigation according to the police force.




The Attorney-General’s Office is actively taking steps to arrange for the swift transmission of the MLAT Request to ensure that the local RSCPF investigation can be concluded.