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Longstanding Debate on the Official St. Kitts and Nevis Coat of Arms Ends

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The St. Kitts and Nevis National Archives has confirmed the official Coat of Arms for the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, thus ending a longstanding debate.




Thenational symbol has gone through a series of transformation over the years which have confused many nationals and non-nationals.




The original image as displayed below has been enhanced and placed in high resolution to accommodate various uses from large signage to letterheads. All government paraphernalia are being changed to depict the approved national symbol. The Coat of Arms was adopted in 1983 with the inscription of our country’s motto “Country Above Self”.




The center of the Coat of Arms is a shield with a lighter at the base of it in full sail. A red chevron is depicted above it highlighted by two poinciana flowers, our national flower.




At the top of the shield is the head of a Carib, one of the first inhabitants on our twin-island nation, with a fleurde-lis and a rose on either side. The fleur-de-lis and the rose connote our country’s French and English influences. A helmet topped with battlements of a flaming torch upheld by the hands of an African, European, and the other of mixed descent. The torch signifies the struggle and quest for freedom by a people of diverse ethnic origins united in purpose. Supporting the shield are our nation’s national bird, the pelicans, with extended wings next to a sugar cane plant and a coconut palm tree illustrating our fertile lands.