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New completion date for 2nd Cruise Pier is Nov. 8th 2019

November 8th 2019 is the new date for the completion of the 2nd cruise ship pier, in St. Kitts, according to the St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA).

This new date was triggered by irreparable damage to contractor equipment.

The Construction of the 2nd Cruise Ship Pier at Port Zante, undertaken on a Government to Government arrangement between The Canadian Government (acting through the Canadian Commercial Corporation, the Contractor) and the Government of St Kitts and Nevis (acting through SCASPA, the Employer), began in March 2018 and was earmarked for completion by Sep.23rd 2019.

However, SCASPA says this plan was scuttled in September when the passage of Hurricane Dorian impacted the ocean currents in and around St. Kitts and Nevis and further south of the Federation, resulting in significant damage to three on-site operating barges. As a consequence, the damage to these barges consequently delayed completion time for the 2nd cruise ship pier. 

Measures were taken by the Contractor to secure a replacement barge to complete the work. A barge was secured and is (say an-root) en-route to St. Kitts from the USA.

One month after the earmarked date of Sep. 23rd 2019, SCASPA says the new facility is already 98% complete and will be completed in time to accommodate the 2019/2020 Cruise Season.