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‘No appetite’ for King Charles on region’s banknotes, ECCB Governor says

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“No appetite” were the words of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB’s) Governor – Timothy Antoine as he used, to allude to the possibility of the end of the British Monarch being featured on the Eastern Caribbean currency.




This comes based on a regional evaluation, according to Mr. Antoine. Could Queen Elizabeth II be the last British monarch to feature on the EC currency?




At a media briefing as the ECCB launched its 40th anniversary calendar of events, Governor Antoine said that the decision would be left up to the Monetary Council, which is made up of the member states’ Finance Ministers.




King Charles III automatically became the British monarch following the passing of his mother Queen Elizabeth II in September. The death of Queen Elizabeth last year reopened the debate on the type of relationship that former British colonies in the Commonwealth, including many of the Eastern Caribbean states will have with the United Kingdom.




Regardless of the decision made by the Monetary Council, Governor Antoine indicated, it would be years before any change is made about a new banknote design. The ECCB Governor continued that, in his discussions around the region, there was more interest in replacing the monarch with another Caribbean icon