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Non- pharmaceutical measures should be “reinforced” amidst flu outbreak


Special Adviser to the Federal Ministry of Health, Dr. Patrick Martin. He was speaking with the VONNEWSLINE about respiratory diseases such as Influenza (or Flu) and Covid-19 viruses.




His comment was also in relation to the non- pharmaceutical measures like: mask wearing, eating good local food, staying hydrated, exercise regularly and visiting the beach to take a dip, to name a few.




Based on information from the Federal Government’s Covid-19 statistics, as of January 18th, the total number of confirmed cases stood at 6,584, six imported Cases within the last 14 days, thirteen persons in Isolation, eleven persons are quarantined at home, while two are quarantined at a facility. 6,525 persons have recovered, with the death by Covid-19 toll remaining at 46, since July 2022.




Although the numbers have increased, according to Dr. Martin, there is “no need to panic.”