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NTA promotes wellness in Queen City to UK journalists

As part of its efforts to attract more visitors to “Queen City” Nevis, a team from the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) is in the United Kingdom (UK) promoting wellness in Nevis.




Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Devon Liburd, and Sales Manager, Airline, UK and Europe, Ms. Julie Claxton, welcomed some key journalists to enjoy a spa evening, on Monday.




According to the NTA team, the event was organized to demonstrate the island’s wellness offerings. Guests were treated to a sound bar session to mentally transport them to island life, away from the stresses of their day and a dip in an outdoor hot tub to imitate the experience of our Hot Springs.




A release from the NIA quoted NTA’s team as saying, “Mr. Liburd presented the wellness video and new destination video… detail on island activities over the past three years and a look ahead at what’s to come.”




The team which travelled to the United Kingdom on November 20, 2022, is expected to return to Nevis on this Saturday November 26th.