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PANAM Institute to open Local Certification Classes

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PANAM institute University of Natural Medicine here on Nevis, will be opening Certification programs in Nature Cure, Herbalism, Nutrition and more in the coming weeks.

Founder and Dean of PANAM Institute and Nevis Naturopath, Dr. Charles McWilliams, has a practice at the Nevis Naturopathic clinic, where he has already treated over 6000 patients on the island, to date.  During an interview held at Von Radio today Friday October 18th, he spoke about the history behind Natural Medicine:


Dr. McWilliams spoke about the courses that are going to be conducted:

Dr. Charles McWilliams.

The program consists of a combination of online courses, live classes at the Nevis Naturopathic Clinic, workshops and clinical observations. They begin in January 2020. The first term will comprise of block courses Basic Chemistry, Cell Biology and Medical History.