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Police investigating Home Invasion in Cayon

A home invasion occurred in St. Kitts on Sunday July 7th, police say. A police communique said lawmen are investigating a report of a robbery that occurred at the home of Desmond Tatham in Cayon.




Mr Tatham reported to Police that while he was at his home, three armed and masked assailants accosted him and proceeded to search his home.




He further reported that one of the assailants struck his head with the butt of a firearm, injuring him in the process. After the assailants made their escape, Mr Tatham stated that he reported the incident at the Cayon Police Station. He was subsequently issued a medical form by the Police and escorted to the Joseph N. France General Hospital for treatment.




The Crime Scene Unit of the Police Force (RSCNPF) processed the scene and collected some items of evidential value. Lawmen continue to urge the public to contact the nearest Police station, or call the Crime Stoppers’ hotline, at 707, if you have any information about this or any other incident.

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