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Road-march champion for C43 is the Kore Band

In Culturama news-

Roadmarch champion for 2017 is Daddy Tustee as Culturama 2017 climaxed, which had as its slogan, “Our Festival, Our Legacy, Nevis Culturama 43”.

The points were as follows: Amassing a total of 908 points,  Kore Band in 1st place, with a track from Daddy Tustee “How we do it”, 2nd place went to the Odisi Band, scoring 853 points, with “Stop Acting Up” and 3rd place went to Selecta Mad Rass & DJ Woodis with “Wootoop TV”, scoring a total of 614 points.

Among the C43 activities, was the Emancipation Jouvert Jump-up which saw the Grand Masters, Nu-Vybz, Odisi and Kore bands and Selecta Mad Rass and DJ Woodis competing in the Roadmarch competition, on Monday Aug. 7th.

The Troupe and Parade and on stage display, as well as the Last lap jam were held on Tuesday Aug. 8th.