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SKN and “partners” want to maintain peace in Guyana-Venezuela tensions

“Let me say unequivocally that St. Kitts and Nevis (SKN) is doing all it can, joining with the partners, to keep this area as a zone of peace”, the word from Prime Minister – Dr. Terrance Drew. SKN is a member of Caricom.




His comments were in relation to the tensions between Guyana (also a member of Caricom) and Venezuela. A statement from the SKN Labour Party added “there are wars all around the world, but this area is declared a zone of peace, and we want to maintain that peace.”




Guyana and Venezuela (both on the South American continent) are in contention over an area of around 65,000 square kilometres, approximately two-thirds of Guyana’s official total land mass, west of the Essequibo River. The Venezuelan government late last year, announced plans to incorporate the area controlled by Guyana into its territory.




Both countries found common ground in December 2023, agreeing not to threaten or use force against each other under any circumstances, leading to the establishment of the Declaration of Dialogue and Peace of Argyle.




But since then, Guyana took note of actions taken on April 3rd, by the President of Venezuela to promulgate “the Organic Law for the Defense of Guayana Essequibo” and in a statement, Guyana said that attempt by Venezuela to annex more than two-thirds of Guyana’s sovereign territory “is an egregious violation of the most fundamental principles of international law.”