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SKN records 22nd homicide for 2023

Police are investigating SKN’s 22nd homicide for 2023. It comes following the shooting death of thirty-two (32) year-old Deonja“Trenny” Finley of Bird Rock, St. Kitts, on Saturday night Sep. 23rd, 2023, in Old Road, St. Kitts.




Finley was found lying on the ground along Old Road Bay with injuries that appeared to be gunshot wounds. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) were called to the scene and he was transported to the JNF General Hospital for treatment.




It was confirmed at the Hospital, that Finley had been shot several times about the body. He underwent emergency surgery, but succumbed to his injuries. Initial investigations indicate that Mr. Finley was attacked and shot while driving along the island’s main road at Old Road Bay.




Investigations are ongoing. Anyone who has any information concerning this incident or any other criminal matter is urged to contact the nearest Police station, or call the Crime Stoppers’ Hotline, 707.