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SKN Small Business Entrepreneurs promised support by Federal Ministry

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A total of 1,200 persons in the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis will be offered support through the Federal Ministry of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.




This was confirmed by the Permanent Secretary Ms. Delrine Taylor.




Ms. Taylor said the Ministry has a number of incentives that they have to offer to the various businesses, whether it is duty free concessions, training or providing them with the necessary information and areas that they could improve in their marketing.”




She stressed on the importance of giving these businesses the assistance they need in order to give them that push that will take them to the next level. These remarks were on Friday November 18th at the West Independence Square in Basseterre, St. Kitts during a Business Expo that was organized by the Ministry on the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week.




The Expo was attended by 27 local small businesses within the federation.




During the expo Director of Entrepreneurship and Small Businesses Development Centre, Mr. Phillip Browne also echoed the sentiments made by the Permanent Secretary and stated that they were not only present to support the younger entrepreneurs but also to have a look at the level of exposure and to see how these businesses can improve and become more successful in marketing their products.