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Slogan for Culturama 49 officially released

As the Culturama 2023 Festival gets closer, the event’s official slogan has been announced. The Culturama Secretariat released the winning slogan for this year’s event: “49 years of Mas and spree! Culturama, 2023”.




The winning phrase was created by Ms. Jean Caines of Brazier Estate, Nevis. Ms. Caines’ entry was chosen out of a total of six hundred and seventy-six entries that were received during the Culturama Slogan Contest which ran from January 16th, to February 17th, 2023.




Ms. Caines will receive a cash prize, two complimentary tickets for all Culturama Activities and a plaque. This is her second win in the Slogan Competition since its inception as she also won back in 2012.




Culturama is scheduled to begin on July 27th and end on August 8th, 2023