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West Line Bus terminal to be completed in “few weeks”

Minister of Public Infrastructure, the Hon. Ian Patches Liburd, has provided an update on construction work on the new West Line Bus Terminal, in Basseterre.

The construction area is presently cordoned off to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Construction work on the West Line Bus Terminal is being carried out by E&J Construction.  The project began on Monday Oct. 21st and was earmarked for completion by December 2019.

Last year, the minister said, due to limited space, the new facility will not be a replica of the East Line Bus Terminal, which was opened in December of 2018.

Although the new bus terminal will occupy the same physical space as the current one, improved features will include: increased holding capacity, fully covered facility, comfortable seating and defined passenger holding areas.

Here is Mr. Liburd:

The Hon. Ian Patches Liburd.