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Why Women’s Empowerment?

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That was Executive Officer at the Department of Gender Affairs, St. Kitts – Mrs. Sharron Warner, speaking during Wednesday’s edition of the “Working for You” Program. 


To begin the discussion about Gender Equity, one must first understand Women’s Empowerment and why Women’s Empowerment is needed. 


According to, Women’s Empowerment is the present continuous acts of authority given to women to “improve their political, social, economic and health status, essential for the achievement of sustainable development. 


These include access to education, skill development and employment, women’s equal participation and equitable representation at all levels of the political process and public life enabling women to articulate their concerns and needs, among others”. 


Director of the Department of Gender Affairs in St Kitts, Mrs. Celia Christopher, explains why women need empowerment in St. Kitts and Nevis based on history: 


Mrs. Celia Christopher.