You are currently viewing $1.02b Appropriation (2023) bill, 2022, passed into law

$1.02b Appropriation (2023) bill, 2022, passed into law

The Appropriation (2023) Bill, 2022 (or the Federal Budget), with total estimates for 2023 of EC$ 1.02 Billion for recurrent expenditure, capital expenditure and net lending, was passed into law on December 19th.




This comes after a period spanning four days, from the presentation of the Budget Address 2022 by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr. Terrance Drew, to the rebuttal by Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Mark Brantley and debates by parliamentarians except for the member for St. Christopher 7, The Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris.




With a total recurrent capital and net lending charges on consolidated fund of EC$ 923, 152, 453, and a total provided by law of EC$ 101, 484, 848, the Bill made provisions for the various ministries within the Federal Government.




The Appropriation (2023) Bill, 2022 was presented under the theme: “Towards Our Transformation as a Sustainable Small Island State.” On the other hand, no official date has been set for the NIA’s 2023 Budget.