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Department of Environment launches SKN NDC Implementation Plan 

On April 12th 2022, the Department of Environment in St Kitts and Nevis has launched the St. Kitts and Nevis NDC Implementation Plan. 


According to, NDC’s are national climate plans highlighting climate actions including: climate related targets, policies and measures the government aims to implement in response to climate change and as a contribution to global climate action. Central to the NDC’s is the concept of national determination. 


During a launch Ceremony, Federal Minister of Environment, Hon. Eric Evelyn made these comments:  


Hon. Eric Evelyn.


The agenda on day one of the launch of the SKN NDC Implementation Plan included: presenting the final NDC Implementation Plan to key stakeholders to show political commitment and maintain momentum to kick off implementation; strengthen inter-sectoral coordination and outline roles and responsibilities; showcase the value of the NDC Implementation Plan (including its online component) as a coordination tool, that can be adopted across other departments and facilitate strategic discussions on the NDC Implementation Plan, roles of ministries and partners and next steps.