“Exceptional” STPS Princess Pageant, so says Chairperson

“Exceptional” STPS Princess Pageant, so says Chairperson

The St. Thomas’ Primary School (STPS) held its National Bank sponsored 50th Anniversary Princess Pageant, on Friday, April 23rd, 2021 at the Cultural Complex here on Nevis. 


Grade 6 teacher at the school and Chairperson of the Pageant – Mr. Shonroy Caesar, provided feedback to the VONNEWSLINE, concerning the event:


At the end of the night, Contestant # 4 El-Anyah Grant was declared the winner with 539 points, 1st Runner up was Contestant #5 Tejaune Beazer with 537.5 points and Contestant #1 Cassilyn Pierce with 484.5 points took the 2nd Runner up spot. 


Considering the foregoing, Mr. Caesar told the VONNEWSLINE what the participants received:


Chairperson of the Princess Pageant – Mr. Shonroy Caesar.