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Federation’s school curriculum to see changes

Several changes will be made to the school curriculum in St. Kitts and Nevis, in September 2023.




It comes as the Federal government continues to expand learning opportunities to meet the demands of a modern twin-island state and innovative global industries.




Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Education,, Dr. Geoffrey Hanley, outlined some of the expected changes to the curriculum on June 29th, with the first new initiative being the introduction of Spanish as a subject at the preschool level. Currently, the language is introduced in the second year in public high schools according to the Curriculum Development Unit.




Another change will see the introduction of skills training at the primary school level – a move designed to produce well-rounded graduates and meet the growing demand for skilled workers, some of whom may become self-employed.




The expansion of social clubs in schools is also planned to complement The Explorer’s Group, Boys’ Brigade and others.