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First disbursement of PAP for 2023 slated for February 6th

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“The first payment cycle of the Poverty Alleviation Programme [PAP] will be made to households headed by seniors and persons with disabilities by Monday, February 6th, 2023.’




That is according to an announcement issued by the Federal Ministry of Social Development and Gender Affairs.




The announcement goes on to state that: “all future payments to additional categories of beneficiaries will be made by the last working day of each month inclusive of February 2023.”




The PAP program offers assistance to individuals and families across the Federation, whereby the combined household earns less than XCD$3,000 per month after a review process focused on the eligibility criteria of the household.




The categories in question that are eligible for assistance from the program are: households headed by seniors – that is persons 62 years and older; households headed by persons with disabilities and households with minor children – that is unemployed and employed persons containing children under the age of 18.




The Department of Community Development and Social Services has stated that they “will continue to verify the application details of eligible applicants to complete the review process for payment of additional persons by February 28th, 2023. Information on the status of all submitted applications will be updated via the programme application portal in the upcoming weeks.”