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Further reduction on unleaded gasoline prices

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There has been a further decrease in the price of Unleaded Gasoline in St. Kitts & Nevis based on a Press Release from the Ministry of Finance (St. Kitts).


According to the release, the maximum retail prices for the commodity as of September 8th, at which Unleaded Gasoline can be sold are: Delta Service Stations-$16.46 per gallon, SOL Service Stations-$15.06 per gallon.


Delta’s price on August 24th was $16.46, while Sol was $16.08.


Almost a month ago (August 11th), the Ministry of Finance stated that the price for unleaded gasoline at Delta service stations was $18.03 per gallon while Sol was $17.03 per gallon. This is $1.57 decrease for Delta and $1.97 decrease for Sol’s unleaded gasoline.


The actual price at the pump for both Sol and Delta is $15.65.