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High Command Denounces false missing persons poster circulated on social Media

A missing person poster circulated on social media platforms asking for the assistance of the public to locate 18 year old Timothy T’jaun Brandon Martin Junior, has sparked rebuke from the Sit Kitts and Nevis High command.

The poster was designed in such, that it mimicked an official missing person poster from the St Kitts and Nevis police force. It including typical information such as height, build, complexion, hair colour, as well as the last place scene since his disappearance.

This resulted in questioning of an individual on Sunday 16th February 2020, who, according to the Police press release, is believed to be in involved in its creation and dissemination.  

The Press release stated and I quote: “The High Command strongly denounces acts, such as this, which are meant to maliciously deceive the public. Missing person reports are very serious matters….. Every missing person report brought to the attention of the Police, officially and unofficially, is treated with the highest level of urgency and seriousness. They each result in the start of an investigation. The High Command, therefore, takes this opportunity to warn persons against making false reports and/or manipulating official Police material to create false documents and images. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

The statement also included encouragement to media houses to be cautious of disseminating missing person’s poster information without verifying their authenticity with law enforcement.

It was understood that Mr. Martin Junior is in good condition and at home with his family.